MDB Daily Announcements

MDB 2020 Members:

As of July 1, we are still planning to have the entire MDB report for camp on the dates previously announced. Our Leadership Team will report for our Leadership Team Retreat on August 4 at the North River Yacht Club. Our new members will report to campus on Friday, August 7 and our returning members on Saturday, August 8. Everyone in University Housing should have received information about the check in procedures for the dorms from the University Housing Office. With the current situation with the Covid-19 pandemic, these plans may need to be altered at any time. We will notify the members of the MDB if there are any changes to these dates. At this time, we do not know the status of how the 2020 football season will look, or how the MDB will participate in the season. Options for several scenarios are being planned, and as we receive concrete information, that information will be relayed to our membership. Please realize that decisions about the season may not be made until late July/early August, but as soon as we have information, we will relay that information to the MDB membership.