MDB Wellness Information

Marching with theĀ Million Dollar Band is a very athletic activity. In order to protect the health and wellness of each student, we have implemented theĀ Million Dollar Band Member Wellness Program. This program provides instruction and information pertaining to the health and care of our students. Below are documents containing information on Nutrition and Hydration Guidelines, self-care in outdoor Heat Stress/Cold Stress environments, proper footwear and preventing injuries related to marching, and scientific research articles on similar topics of interest to marching bands.

25 Minute Cardio Exercise Protocols
Elliptical HR Based Protocol
Treadmill Walk-to-Jog Protocol (Unfit)
Treadmill Walk-to-Jog Protocol (Fit)
Stairclimber HR Based Protocol
Spinning Cycle Protocol
Spinning Cycle HR Based Protocol
Incline Treadmill Walk HR Based Protocol

Band Wellness Survey
Health Intervention Assessment Survey

Footwear and Injury
Athletic Footwear – Unsafe Due to Perceptual Illusions – Robbins 1991
Tibial Stress Injuries Review
The Effects of Footwear on Muscle Function
Shoe Midsole Hardness and Running Kinematics
Playing without Pain (Dawson)
Neutral vs Motion Control Shoes (the Effect on Tibial Rotation)
Motion Control Shoe Delays Leg Muscle Fatigue
Modified Crash Pad Reduces Impact Shock
Michigan Marching Band Study
Medical Problems of Marching Musicians
Marching and the Foot
Investigation of Running Shoe Design on Foot Kinematics, Kinetics, and Muscle
Recruitment Pattern in People with Overpron -1

Injury Risk (U.S. Army band)
Injury Prevention Report (U.S. Army band)
Gender Differences in Footwear
Footwear and Injuries
Foot Pattern Examples (from Lore of Running by Dr. Tim Noakes)
Bio-mechanical Comparison of Barefoot vs Shod

Heat & Cold Stress Related Illness
Beat the Heat
Wet Bulb Globe Temperature Index
UV Index Guide
Preventing Eye Damage from UV Radiation
Outdoor Action Guide to Hypothermia & Cold Weather Injury
Heat Stress
Cold Weather Exposure
Cold Stress Guidelines

Fluid and Fuel Intake (Coyle)
The Effectiveness of Commercially Available Sports Drinks (Review)
ISSN Position Stand on Caffeine and Performance

Body Composition
NCAA Guidelines for Assessment of Body Composition
Health Consequences of Eating Disorders

Stretching & Strengthening Routines
Pre-practice Stretch & Warm-up Routine
Strengthening Routine (Tuba)
Strengthening Routine (General Band)
Strengthening Routine (Drumline)