Athletic Pep Bands

University of Alabama Pep Bands are ensembles that include 90 of the top brass, woodwind, and drum-set performers at The University of Alabama. The band is divided into three 30-member bands (Crimson A, Crimson B, and White) that perform at all home men’s and women’s basketball games, gymnastics meets, select softball and baseball games, and select tennis matches. There is also a separate pep band that performs at all home volleyball games in the fall. Participation in pep bands offers students an opportunity to travel with the team to the SEC Men’s and Women’s Basketball Tournaments, NCAA Basketball Tournament, and the NIT Final Four. Recent travel has included: Atlanta (GA), Boston (MA), Nashville (TN), New Orleans (LA), New York City (NY), Phoenix (AZ), San Diego (CA), Seattle (WA), and Tampa (FL). Members are chosen by audition at the end of September from the membership of the “Million Dollar Band.” Students who participate in the pep bands receive service award(s) in the fall and spring for their participation as well as one hour of academic credit. For more information about The University of Alabama Pep Bands, please contact Neal Flum.

Repertoire Already in Folder
from marching band season:

  • All of The Lights
  • A-Team
  • Basket Case
  • Call Me All
  • Paint It Black
  • Right Above It
  • Starships
  • Tusk


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