Mr. Russ Cole

Logistical Coordinator and Band Operations

“Every student that comes on a recruiting visit, I get a chance to give them my ‘sales pitch,’ which is, “I am not a music person,” and that is important because I am here in my position only because of the people that you will learn from every day. I am here because of the people who make the MDB great, and they are the best in the business. I am here because I get to be a part of an amazing group of individuals that do incredible things.”

Russ Cole CPA

In 2009, Russ decided to continue his passion for sports by accepting a baseball scholarship at Bevill State Community College. Before that, he had excelled in three different sports at South Lamar High School in Millport, Alabama. During his two years at BSCC, Russ played baseball and earned accolades for his academic performance, being named NJCAA Academic All-American as a sophomore. In 2011, he graduated with an associate degree in Business Administration.

Following his time at Bevill State, Russ transferred to the University of Alabama as a junior accounting major. He completed his undergraduate degree with honors in Business Administration in 2013 and went on to enroll in the Master of Accountancy program at UA. After finishing his master’s degree and passing the Certified Public Accounting exam, Russ spent a decade working in public accounting in Tuscaloosa.

In addition to his professional career, Russ is also involved in organizing the nonmusical aspects of the Million Dollar Band. As the overseer of business operations, he takes charge of tasks such as making hotel arrangements, booking charters, and creating budgets. However, his most satisfying role is being a supportive listener to the students in the band who need someone to talk to.