Million Dollar Band Colorguard

2021 University of Alabama
Color Guard Auditions
Friday, April 23 and Saturday, April 24

The University of Alabama has decided to permit an in-person audition option for students who were on the 2020 rosters of Cheer, Crimson Cabaret, Crimsonettes and MDB Colorguard. Those auditioning as new members cannot use this option and should follow the remote audition process described below. For details about the in-person option, click here. (The password has been sent to those whom are eligible for the in-person option.)

  • Register for Auditions
    • Complete the online registration below
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you are an incoming Freshman or Transfer Student, you must have been accepted to The University of Alabama and received your CWID and email address in order to complete the registration.
    • 2021 Color Guard Audition Registration – Registration is now closed
    • Pay the $35.00 Audition Fee (This fee is used to cover the cost of instructors and judges for the auditions).
    • Prospective New Members will not be permitted to audition without a recommendation on file. Your recommendation form must be received PRIOR to your audition. Your current band director (or former director if you are not currently in high school), will receive a link to fill out your recommendation form after you submit your registration.
  • Audition Requirements
    • Interview with Color Guard Staff and Adjudicators
    • Learn and perform across-the-floor movement patterns
    • Learn and perform cheers
    • Learn and perform a Group Routine which is 50% dance and 50% flag
    • Create and perform an Individual Routine
      • Individual Routine Specifics
        • If you are doing flag and dance only, it should be 1:30 in length
        • If you are doing flag and rifle only, it should be approximately 1:30 in length
        • If you are doing flag and saber only, it should be approximately 1:30 in length
        • If you are doing flag, dance, saber, and rifle, it should be approximately :30 of each.
        • Flag work should be done on a 6-foot pole
        • Music used for the individual routine must be appropriate for ALL ages. If you choose music that contains obscene or hate speech, your audition will be discarded.
        • No props should be used for individual routines
  • Audition Attire (both days)
    • Black leotard (no sleeves)
    • Black dance shorts (tights or panty hose are optional)
    • Black or beige split sole jazz shoes
    • Hair and makeup should be performance ready
  • Audition Locations
    • The audition will be done remotely. All parts of the audition will be done live on Zoom including the interview, all instruction of cheers, across the floors, individual routine, and group routine.   All performances for scoring by the adjudicators will be done live via Zoom.  It will be your responsibility to find a location with adequate space to spin along with a good internet connection.  Some suggestions would be your high school, your high school band room, church gym or recreation center, or community recreation center.  Start planning now for your audition location.
  • Audition Schedule
    • A detailed schedule will be sent prior the auditions. The following is an overview of when audition segments will take place:
      • Friday, April 24
        • Interviews – beginning at 4:00 PM (conducted LIVE on Zoom)
        • Clinic Session – beginning at approximately 6:30 PM (instruction will be LIVE on Zoom)
      • Saturday, April 25
        • Clinic Session – beginning at 8:00 AM (instruction will be LIVE on Zoom)
        • Individual Routines – beginning at 10:00 AM (performed LIVE on Zoom for the judges)
        • Adjudication of cheers, across the floors, and learned routine – beginning at 1:00 PM (performed LIVE on Zoom for the judges)
    • The 2021 Color Guard will be announced at the end of day on Saturday, April 24th by Zoom.
    • Those selected should expect to attend a Zoom meeting after the results are announced.
    • Links to the Zoom sessions will be emailed to you using your crimson email.



Frequently Ask Questions

    1. Are there any height and/or weight requirements? We DO NOT have any height and/or weight requirements. The health of our members is monitored by the MDB training staff only.  Sessions on health and nutrition are provided to all members
    2. Should I send a photo(s) of myself as part of the application? No, you should not send photo(s) of yourself as part of the application.
    3. Can you audition by video or another day? No, we do not accept video auditions and we do not hold additional audition dates.
    4. Who are the judges for the auditions? The judges are recognized educators in the colorguard and dance activities.
    5. Are there specific skills the judges will look for?
      1. Aerobic Conditioning
      2. Movement Skills
      3. Flexibility
      4. Equipment Performance Skills
      5. Coordination
      6. Marching and Maneuvering Skills
      7. Ability to Grasp Concepts
      8. Positive Attitude
    6. Are there specific hair and make-up requirements? No, there are no specific requirements, but we ask that you perform with your hair down because that the style the MDB Colorguard uses. Make-up should be done as if ready for public performance.
    7. How will I know if my application has been received? You will receive a confirmation email from the Band Office.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within a week of your online registration, contact David Potter, Director of Operations at 205-348-6068 or
    8. Are scholarships available to members of the Colorguard? A limited number of scholarships are available to all members of the MDB.  The scholarships are awarded based on performance and citizenship.  There is not a separate audition to be considered for a scholarship.
    9. How many students will be chosen for the 2021 Colorguard? There is no set number for the size of colorguard each year.
    10. Do members of the colorguard pay a membership fee? There is a lab fee for members of the colorguard to cover practice attire and additional performance outfits beyond the University-issued gameday uniform.
    11. Can I have someone help me with my individual routine choreography? Yes, but it is not necessary. We are interested in your performance ability not your writing ability.
    12. Is there anything I can practice to enhance my chances of making the colorguard? You can stay current on all the equipment fundamentals/tosses you have learned along with your dance skills.
    13. Is movement a part of the choreography used by the MDB Colorguard? Yes, you might want to consider a dance class to enhance your skills in this area.
    14. Will I receive college credit for participating in colorguard? Yes, all members of the MDB receive 1 credit hour.
    15. If selected, am I expected to attend all performances? YES
    16. Are there any sessions during the summer that will help me prepare for the fall camp and football season? Yes, there is a “mini-camp” for all members beginning on Thursday night, July 15 and ending at on Sunday, July 18. There are no fees associated with the camp, but members are responsible for their own housing and meals.
    17. If I am selected, do I have to attend the Fall Camp in August? Yes, all members of the MDB must attend Fall Camp in August.
    18. What is the rehearsal schedule for the colorguard? Regular class meetings are Monday-Friday 4:00-5:30. Stretch block begins at 3:30. Additionally, the colorguard has a weekly Wednesday evening sectional.

If you have additional questions, please contact the director of the MDB Colorguard, Mr. Steve Simpson at       


To become a member of The University of Alabama Million Dollar Band, students must have been accepted to The University of Alabama and received a CWID along with a Crimson/UA email address. Additionally, students must meet the following requirements:

      • ALL potential Million Dollar Band Colorguard members MUST audition on April 23-25, 2021 (ALL MUST BE PRESENT AT THE AUDITION – NO EXCEPTIONS). 
      • Must register for MUA 153/253/353/453 after notification of membership status (after April 2021). Please be aware that these registration requirements will be verified prior to the first day of class.
      • Must be working toward a degree as demonstrated by either:
        1. registering for at least twelve hours for the Fall semester at The University of Alabama
        2. registering for at least twelve hours for the Fall semester at Shelton State Community College while registered for MUA 153/253/353/453 as a part-time student at The University of Alabama
      • Potential returning members must be in good financial standing with University Bands and The University of Alabama, including taking care of all uniform fees, equipment fees, class fees or other charges incurred in prior membership
      • Must be selected for membership by audition
      • Must complete and have on record with University Bands Office, the 2021 MDB Medical Form (emailed to all members after July 1, 2021). Please bring this completed form with you to Fall Camp Check-In. DO NOT MAIL IN YOUR MEDICAL FORMS!!!
      • All new and returning Million Dollar Band members must audition on Friday and Saturday, April 23-24, 2021. All RETURNING Colorguard members must be in good academic standing with The University of Alabama before you can audition as a 2020 MDB Returning Member. It should be noted that submitting an application to audition for the 2021-2022 Million Dollar Band Colorguard does not guarantee membership into 2021-2022 Million Dollar Band.