Million Dollar Band Crimsonettes

The University of Alabama 2022
Crimsonette Auditions
Friday, April 29 and Saturday, April 30

UPDATE 04/27/2022 – List of 2022 Crimsonette Auditionees

Crimsonette Audition Information

    • Registration – The last day to register will be April 14, 2022
      • To register, you must have been accepted to The University of Alabama and received your CWID and email address.
        • Once you register, we will only use your email for all further communications.
      • Fill out your registration information
        • Applications are no longer being accepted for 2022.
      • Pay the $20.00 Audition Fee (No refunds will be given)
    • Audition Components
      • There will be five components to this year’s audition.  Please be sure to view both videos below!
        • #1 INTERVIEW
          • On Friday, April 29, arrive by 3:00 PM to register and receive your audition number.  At 4:00 PM interviews will begin and will be done in groups of 3-5.
        • #2 DANCE TECHNIQUE
          • After you complete your online registration, you will be sent a link to a dance technique video.  You are responsible for leaning the segments and performing them for the judges on Friday night.
        • #3 DANCE ROUTINE
          • On Friday, April 15 a video link containing a “dance routine” will be emailed to each applicant’s UA crimson email address. Each applicant will have 2 weeks to learn the routine.  The dance routine will be performed for the judges on Friday night.
        • Attire for Dance Technique and Routine
          • Black Nike Classic Swoosh Sports Bra
          • Black Nike 2-3” Volleyball Shorts
          • Dance Shoes
        • #4 GROUP ROUTINE
          • On Saturday, April 30 at 8:00 AM, instruction for the group routine will begin.  At 10:00 AM, the group routine will be performed for judging.
          • Attire for Group Routine
            • Black Nike Classic Swoosh Sports Bra
            • Black Nike 2-3” Volleyball Shorts
            • Dance Shoes
          • Immediately following the GROUP ROUTINE portion of tryouts, we will begin individual routines.
          • Individual Routine Requirements
            • No longer than two minutes in length
            • Incorporate twirling and dance-twirling skills
            • Use one or more batons
            • Attire for Individual Routine
            • One-piece or two-piece costume
            • Tights are optional
            • Dance shoes
            • Following individual routines, there will be a lunch break and call backs will be announced.  Those called back will perform their individual routine for the judges.  The 2022 Crimsonettes will be announced following call backs and tabulation of scores.




If you have questions, email them to 


  • To become a member of The University of Alabama Million Dollar Band, students must have been accepted to The University of Alabama and received a CWID along with a Crimson/UA email address. Additionally, students must meet the following requirements:
  • ALL potential Million Dollar Band Crimsonette members MUST audition on Friday and Saturday, April 29-30, 2022.
  • Must register for MUA 153/253/353/453 after notification of membership status (after April 2022). Please be aware that these registration requirements will be verified prior to the first day of class.
  • Must be working toward a degree as demonstrated by either:
    1. registering for at least twelve hours for the Fall semester at The University of Alabama
    2. registering for at least twelve hours for the Fall semester at Shelton State Community College while registered for MUA 153/253/353/453 as a part-time student at The University of Alabama
  • Potential returning members must be in good financial standing with University Bands and The University of Alabama, including taking care of all uniform fees, equipment fees, class fees or other charges incurred with prior membership
  • Must be selected for membership by audition
  • Must complete and have on record with University Bands Office, the 2022 MDB Medical Form (available July 1, 2022). Please bring this completed form with you to Fall Camp Check-In. DO NOT MAIL IN YOUR MEDICAL FORMS!!!
  • All new and returning Million Dollar Band members must audition on Friday and Saturday, April 29-30, 2022. All RETURNING Crimsonette members must be in good academic standing with The University of Alabama before you can audition as a 2021 MDB Returning Member. It should be noted that submitting an application to audition for the 2021-2022 Million Dollar Band Crimsonette does not guarantee membership into 2021-2022 Million Dollar Band.