Million Dollar Band Percussion

2020 Million Dollar Band Percussion Auditions

Thank you for your patience as we update the 2020 Million Dollar Band Percussion auditions.Due to the required closing of The University of Alabama campus, the 2020 Percussion auditions will be held remotely.

  • Audition Registration
    • In order to register, you must have been accepted to The University of Alabama and received your CWID and address. We will only use your email for all further communications
      • Registration has closed!
    • There is no need to register again if you have previously done so
    • Pay the $35.00 audition fee (The fee is used to cover the cost of instructors and judges for the auditions).
    • Deadline to register is Thursday, April 9, 2020
  • Audition Components
    • There will be two components to the audition: 1) A video of prepared materials now available on the Percussion Audition page and 2) A video of prepared materials that will be emailed to all applicants on Monday, April 19.Instruction on how and when each component is to be submitted is included below:
        • All applicants who register to audition can immediately access the prepared audition HERE:
        • After preparing the materials, each applicant should make a video of themselves performing the materials. On the Percussion Audition page, applicants will find a LINK to upload their unedited video. The
          video can only uploaded once and must be uploaded by 5:00 p.m on Saturday, April 25.
        • On Monday, April 19, all applicants will be emailed a second set of audition materials to
          their UA crimson mail accounts. The materials will be instrument specific. Applicants should
          prepare the second set of materials and make a video of their performance. There will be a link
          on the Percussion Audition page to upload their unedited video. The video can only be uploaded once and must be uploaded by 5:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 25.
    • Video Submission Guidelines
      • State you name at the beginning of all videos
      • Be sure the perspective of your video is such that the judges can see everything you are doing
      • Students who do not have access to marching percussion instruments may use concert instruments, drum pads or even the floor if necessary
      • We are not looking for professional quality videos. A video taken on a standard smartphone is fine
  • Audition results will be emailed to all applicants by May 1, 2020
  • Please practice recording and sending a video before this process
  • We will have a ZOOM video conference meeting possibly once a week leading up to auditions (information on this forthcoming via email) This will allow you to ask questions and get answers

Please email Kevin Welborn if you have any questions regarding this process.